New Releases: "DreamSounds" and "Songs of Earth and Sky"

Hello again: For the last couple months, I have been busy compiling material from previous releases and digitally remastering them. The first title is "DreamSounds," a double CD that features music from the previous titles "Quiet Movements" and "Dream Sounds." This compilation contains two hours of deep relaxation music--one hour of solo stringed harp and one hour of keyboard music. The second title is "Songs of Earth and Sky," which features music from the previous titles "Trail of the Wolf" and "Eagle's Call." This is the first time any of these recordings have been available on CD--they were cassette only when they were originally released. These recordings are available on CD Baby, where you can hear sound samples of every song (you can also hear samples of a few songs here on the website). To get from here to the sound samples at CD Baby, click on "Buy" and then under the blurb about each recording click on "Buy this CD at CD Baby." That will take you right to it on the CD Baby site. Thanks! --Bruce