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Bruce Kurnow: Guestbook


October 11, 2013

Just surfed in to say hello Bruce. You have a very nicely assembled website. Your harmonica brings me such peace just listening to you. Thank you.

Abu Lailana

July 28, 2013

i like your music i love it :)

Dona McGrath-Slowik

April 1, 2013

I met you many years ago, ('73, '74?) while you played with Mason Proffit at the Aragon Ballroom.
Have thought of you over the years and decided to look you up and am happy to see you've done so well.
Take care of yourself and if you're ever in Chicago......

June Aukerman

March 3, 2013

Hello Bruce!
My mom and I love your "Relaxing Christmas Harp" (Christmas Serenity) cd! Our two cats love it too. Your arrangements are exquisite! (even Jingle Bells!) All day we have music on, (either the instrumental channel) or your cd, on repeat every day since before Christmas! We even have it on when we leave the house for the cats. Thank you for a classic cd!
June Aukerman & Peg Melichar :):)


October 10, 2012

Wanted to say THANK YOU for entertaining at Elim Lutheran on Sunday October 7th! Amazing Grace happens to touch me in so many ways and your performance was absolutely wonderful!!

Lisa Loughman

March 2, 2012

Very impressive Bruce!

Diego Lobato

January 26, 2011

Hi, my name is Diego and I'm now starting to play harmonica, I love the sound because it brings a calmness and peace in their harmonies ...
Scores send me if possible. ah, my harmonica is adiatônica ..


Eva Murphy, Harpist

November 28, 2010

Great website. Fabulous musical artistry!
Bruce, I'm thinking of getting a Kortier virtual pedal harp to add a little variety to my local recptions and party music in St. Louis. I have heard that you used one for ambient-type music. I see you also play an acoustic harp (so do I). I have heard that feel of the virtual harp is lot different, but apparently you were able to make the switch. Was is difficult to do? Hope you can reply by email. Thanks!--Eva Murphy, Harpist

Karole Modeen

November 6, 2010

I have read 2 of Karole's books now, and I like them very much ( I was first attracted to the books because our names are the same) however, What has happened to Chapters? I find it hard to find a stopping point. Chapters Please!!!


October 12, 2010

Hey Creeper,
You are the most talented blues harp artist I have ever heard. I listen to you every Sunday morning, Amazing Grace is wonderful.
I introduced a friend of mine to your (Mason Proffit recording) rendition of that and she got a tear in her eye and said, thats my friend Creeper, her name is Madileine Hart

Dave Grebin

October 15, 2009

I saw you perform at the SPAH convention in Sacramento this past August. Great stuff... Keep up the awesome work!

I think a guest appearance back at the TC Harmonica Society is over-due... Remember - SPAH is back in Minneapolis for 2010...

Rick Kurnow

September 28, 2009

Love your music cuz....your the best

Shawn Freeman

August 17, 2009

Your performance at SPAH 2009 was nothing short of Amazing! !! WOW!!. The way you combined the stringed Harp and Harmonica was just Brilliant!.

Would you be willing to post a "Short" YouTube of what you played at SPAH. I want to show my friends. Just enough for them to see the "WoW" of your talents which, like me, will be willing to get your CD?

Thanks again for a wonderful performance. It was a highlight of my SPAH experience.

Dave Pokorny

March 15, 2009

Love you music-Wanna work together? Perhaps April 27th 2009? I'll book the Cinnabar Theater, what do ya think?

Richard "Vito" Grossman

March 5, 2009

Hey Creepie! I was just listening to "Leap of Faith" which was a birthday gift from you more than a few years ago. It made me think of you and how much I miss you and the magic of those studio sessions. Your site and body of work is simply awesome. It would be so great to hear from you.

Scott Q

January 18, 2009

You may enjoy my website: Lot's of Mid America bands on it. Was and still am a big Doug Maynard fan.
Keep playing the magic...

Mike Kurnow AKA Uncle Mike

December 30, 2008

Hi Bruce...I turn to you to hear the music that puts a smile on my face. Keep up the good work.
I have the cd you and dad made some time ago
and enjoy playing it time and time again.
Uncle Mike, Northridge, Ca

Lee Rutter

December 30, 2008

Someone special in my life buoght me "Trail of the Wolf" cassette in 1992 and I have been searching for this cassette for the longest time to get a replacement. If anyone knows where I can get this.. or a CD. Very beautifuly done.

Pat Williams

September 23, 2008

Cool Site.

Theresa Johnson

June 24, 2008

do you have any songs playing the harp on here, I would like my friend to hear one!

irv balto

June 22, 2008

my youngest was just playing guitar and harmonica and we spoke of you... we saw your parents first week in june and they look great.


May 4, 2008

good site. it was very interestingly to wande

Phyllis Hug

April 15, 2008

I have never enjoyed music as much as I have enjoyed yours! I especially like "Live in Palm Springs", although "Healing Harp" is my favorite music to destress to!

Richard "Dick" Davis (aka "The Preacher Man")

February 20, 2008

Hi Creeper! Here's a blast from your past. Dick Davis (I've gone by Richard since the early 8O's. Susan and I live in Zurich, Switz. now and have for going on 9 years. I pastor the International Protestant Church of Zurich. We are hosting Barry McGuire and Terry Talbot here in Zurich this summer, and that made me think of you (Mason Profit, et. al.) Warm memories. Just wanted to say hello and let you know I'm still kickin'. I still play a bit of guitar, but most of my musical involvement is hosting many of the acts that come thru town here. Clapton's band. Doc Holliday. Kelley Hunt. Bryn Haworth. Phil Keaggy. And others. Great fun. Let me know if you're ever heading this way. Stunningly beautiful here. Beats Richfield. Ciao.


August 23, 2007

Did you know you have a profile on ?
You should consider uploading some of your songs.

Chris Hathaway

August 9, 2007

57 year old teacher UK. Wow, why haven't I heard of you bfore? Discovered you on CD Baby, bought Holidays in Harmonicaland and love it. Wasn't expecting bluse but as a blues harp enthusiast I am overjoyed with it. Excellent!

Phil Maynard

May 26, 2007

Found your web site while looking for some info on my uncle, Doug. I think you worked with him back in the 80's. Good stuff. Real soulful.

Frank Kresak AKA "BUBBLES"

December 19, 2006

Howdy; Got a kite from Bobbie Giodano's post on harp-l about your CD's, great tunes. Will order some of your CDs . ~~~ SEMPER ~ HARPN' ~ FI ~~~ BUBBLES PS MERRY CHRISTMAS at ya.

Richard Lee Wendel

December 14, 2006

Carrie told me to check you out and she was right you are an amazing musician I love your sound ,tone and style all are perfect.

Bev Sonen

October 29, 2006

Hi Creeper, see you've moved to San Fran. I'm in Connecticut. Your web site is wonderful. You've really been doing your music since 1980. It's good to hear. I'm still involved a bit in dance, harder to do at 60, the instrument is a bit arthritic. Married 25 years, 2 boys, all's well. Didn't recognize your picture. Are your folks still living? My step mom died last year. Good memories. Glad you're doing well. Bev

Larry Wiegand

October 27, 2006

Man I love your web page. Tasty! Found you here while I was surfing for music. Your stuff sounds great. I'll catch up with you when your playing here in Minneapolis. Peace.

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May 10, 2006

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Susan Hoerner

December 4, 2005

Bruce, this is a beautiful website. As a designer I'm always looking for examples of unique, well-designed, well-constructed sites and I will definitely add yours to my bookmarked sites. Love the length sample clips, too.


August 4, 2005

Dear Creeper,
VERY NICE WEB SITE! What fun--looks like we all love your photo! MOST DEFINATLY, let's plan a get together when you are here in the fall. Love you lots, hugs to Karole--Bungi

Scott Malchow

April 20, 2005

Sorry I keep missing you when you're in town--
I also love the pork pie hat pic--you look like a genuine "swamp brother"! Talk to you soon,,,

Don Stewart

March 24, 2005

Hi Creeper,
great looking website! Again, I am blown away by the sheer number of recordings you've made over the years but most especially in awe of your incredible talent. Creep on, creep on!

Dik Hedlund

March 23, 2005

Creeper ...
Love your web-site , especially the pork-pie hat pix.

See ya at Famous Daves on the 30th.

Eric Neumann

January 21, 2005

Sure is nice to hear a harp player that can actually play anything at all. It's nice listening to those single gendre folks... but come on, let's hear them do something as different as you are doing.

I'd doff my pork pie hat to you sir, if I had one.

Anthy O'Brien

January 11, 2005

Looking good!